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Thank you for your interest in sustainability efforts at Waste Connections. We recognize the importance to our stakeholders of our commitments to minimize our impact on the environment, invest in our employees, expand the positive impacts we have on the communities we serve, maintain the strong financial health of our Company, and increase returns to our shareholders. We view sustainability as an integral part of our business, with initiatives consistent with our objective of long-term value creation.

In 2020, we introduced fifteen-year aspirational sustainability targets, including generating additional offsets to our emissions, increasing resource recovery and on-site leachate management, and continuing improvement to our safety record, voluntary turnover and Servant Leadership scores. With over $500 million committed to achieve our targets, we look forward to providing regular updates on our key sustainability efforts similar to the updates we provide on financial results and other key performance metrics.

We also recognize that our employees identify and lead many of our sustainability efforts at a local level. As a result, the safety, welfare and development of our employees is critical. Our corporate culture is centered on the principles of Servant Leadership, which hold management accountable to employees in their professional and personal lives. We also dedicate a significant amount of management time and resources to leadership training and personnel development to improve the skills, promotability and career paths of our employees.

2020 Sustainability Report Waste Connections-2020 Sustainability Report
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2018 Sustainability Report Waste Connections-2018 Sustainability Report
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