Commercial Recycling in the Toronto/Concord area.

Commercial Recycling at Waste Connections helps to make your business an even better steward of the community, our children and the planet by reducing our need for raw materials and dependence on fossil fuels. We offer either single stream recycling of all of your recyclable items (plastic, paper, glass, metal) and/or cardboard-only recycling. We have partnered with TerraCycle Canada to offer recycling solutions of hard-to-recycle waste streams that will help you reach your diversion and sustainability goals. TerraCycle Canada collects and recycles pre-and post-consumer waste streams ranging from cigarette butts to coffee capsules to drink pouches, that are otherwise sent to landfill or incineration. Waste Connections and TerraCycle Canada can offer more recycling options to Waste Connections commercial, residential and governmental customers. Commercial customers also have the option to achieve zero waste at their facilities by having TerraCycle recycle your hard-to-recycle “back of house” waste streams. These items could range from fabric scraps to plastic flexible packaging waste. We can work with you to support your diversion goals and help your business become a model for environmental sustainability in your community.] We invest in powerful processing technologies and material recovery facilities to get the highest rates of waste diversion efficiently and cost effectively. Let us show you the Waste Connections difference. Enter your location to learn more about commercial recycling services in your area.

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