Special Waste Disposal Services

Waste Connections of Canada Accepts Special Waste at Many Locations

We are specialized in any waste material that is physical, chemical or biological which requires special handling procedures or poses an unusual threat to the environment.

Focus on Sustainability

Quality Service for Over 25 Years

Waste Connections is striving for a greener and cleaner tomorrow in all our locations spread across the U.S. and Canada.

Better planet


Waste Connections of Canada is proud to serve residential facilities and homeowners as their dedicated recycling partner throughout the country.

Safety above all

Our #1 value

At Waste Connections of Canada, we place safety as our forefront value. We're committed to ensuring the well-being of our community and environment.

Job creation


We have numerous opportunities for individuals who want to work in a growth industry with outstanding benefits.

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Why Choose Waste Connections of Canada?

As one of the leading full-service solid waste collection providers, Waste Connections of Canada delivers top-tier non-hazardous solid waste collection, recycling, and landfill disposal services for businesses, industries, municipalities, and homes alike.