8 Yard Dumpster

Our 8 yard dumpster provides an efficient waste management solution for businesses generating a moderate to big amount of waste. Sizes are approximate and can vary by location.

Commercial Containers Specifications

What Can You Put in an 8 Yard Container?

Our 8 yard sumpster is designed to provide a convenient and affordable option for small-scale waste disposal.

8 Yard Dumpster dimensions

6' L x 5' W x 7' H

8 Yard Container capacity

Around 80 large trash bags. Holds up 8,000 to 12,000 pounds.

8 Yard Container is perfect for

An office with a staff of 500.
During the rental period, you can use the 10 yard roll-off container to dispose of various waste materials:
Remodeling debris
Appliances and furniture
Not accepted
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Getting Your 8 Yard Container

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8 Yard Container

An 8 Yard Container Is Ideal For:

Trust Waste Connections of Canada to keep your office running smoothly with our reliable trash pickup and recycling services. We specialize in waste management solutions so you can focus on your business.

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    Large restaurants

    Restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses use it for disposing of food waste, packaging, and general refuse.
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    Shopping centers

    Stores in malls may use 8 yard dumpsters for waste management, especially if they produce a lot of waste.
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    Large construction sites

    Large construction sites can use an 8 yard dumpster for construction debris, discarded materials, and trash.
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    Hotels and hospitality

    Hotels and hospitality entities use an 8 yard container for waste management from guest areas and restaurants.


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