Shredding Services

For sensitive documents and media at your business, Waste Connections of Canada has secure shredding services. Instead of having an employee handle document destruction, simply put sensitive documents in their designated container.

Acceptable and not acceptable items vary by location.  Please contact your local office for details.
Waste Connections of Canada Shredding Services

Benefits of Document Shredding Service

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    Customizing service plans
    We offer both one-time and regularly scheduled local and secure shredding services.
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    Shredding various items
    Our shredding services include commercial paper shredding service, document shredding service and media destruction.
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    Recycling solutions
    Our services also comes the option for recycling.
What Can I Dispose

What Can I Shred?

Computer disks
Magnetic media
Audio/Visual media
VHS Tapes
Did you not find your item? Please check our recycling guide.
Shredding Service from Waste Connections of Canada

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We provide both one-time and recurring secure shredding services.


Request online or call our office to schedule your shredding service.

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Commercial Services

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Waste Connections of Canada provides businesses with a range of container sizes and a variety of service scheduling options, customized to meet your waste collection needs.