Property Management

Property management comes with many different logistics and headaches, don’t let trash collection be one of them. Trust Waste Connections of Canada to navigate those challenges and help you create a clean and sustainable place for your tenants!

Waste Management for Multi-Family or Single-Family Residence

Custom Solutions for a Cleaner, Greener Tomorrow.

If you own a multi-family or single-family residence, Waste Connections of Canada can provide dumpsters of all sizes for a centralized and scheduled collection plan or rolling bins for each residence for quick and easy disposal.

We have decades of experience providing industry leading garbage collection services to property owners and their tenants. We are here to take the burden off our clients and their tenants while providing services that will lead to improved cleanliness, increased sustainability, and a greener tomorrow for our community!

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    Customizing your pickup schedule
    We will help you choose your pickup schedule and frequency.
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    Expert guidance
    We will send out an advisor to help you decide what dumpster or bin rental is right for your residence.
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    Recycling solutions
    Our trash collection services also come with the option for recycling, we are here to take the burden off our clients and their tenants!
Property management

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Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Looking for Another Type of Solution?

Waste Connections of Canada offers convenient pickup times and reliable service. Residential garbage recycling is available wherever we offer garbage pickup.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

We are local to your community. We can get a dumpster out to you right when you need it.

Benefits of Choosing Waste Connections of Canada

Why Choose Waste Connections of Canada?

With a 25-year trusted waste collection legacy, we've established a solid reputation. Offering highly competitive prices for any budget, we prioritize sustainability through diverse recycling options. Count on swift roll-off delivery and setup, respecting your valuable time.

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Trusted and reliable
With 25 years of trusted waste collection, we built a solid reputation.
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Competitive pricing
We take pride in offering prices that are highly competitive, catering to any budget.
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Recycling options
We prioritize sustainability and offer diverse recycling options to protect the environment.
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Swift delivery & setup
Your time is valuable to us, so we ensure swift roll off delivery and setup.
Commercial Services

All Our Commercial Services

Waste Connections of Canada provides businesses with a range of container sizes and a variety of service scheduling options, customized to meet your waste collection needs.